NES SxROM Advanced


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Advanced MMC1 board with save capability.

NES SxROM Advanced Board

The NES SxROM Advanced is a homebrew or reproduction board that supports MMC1 mappers (Mapper 1) and supports WRAM with save support.

Component List

MMC3 - AX5904 MMC1 Implementation (INCLUDED)

PRG - 27C010/27C020/29F010/29F020 or compatible (Not Carried)

CHR - 27C010/27C020/29F010/29F020 or compatible (Not Carried)


Lockout Chip - AVRCIC (HERE)

C1,C4 - 22uf 16 V Capacitor (HERE)

C2,C3 - 0.1uf 50V Capacitor (HERE)

D1,D2 - 200 MA Schottky Diode (COMING SOON)

R1,R2 - 10K Ohm Resistor (COMING SOON)

R3 - 27K Ohm Resistor (Optional) (COMING SOON)

Battery - CR2032 Battery with tabs (COMING SOON)

Mapper Compatibility

Verified compatible with SLROM, SGROM, SKROM, and SNROM mapper types. Please note that other mappers have not yet been tested.


Build instructions/tutorials aren't available at this time. If you are uncomfortable or new to building your own cartridges please wait for tutorials to become available.

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