NES Discrete Basic (Black)

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Basic discrete board. Capable of NROM, CNROM and UxROM.

NES Discrete Basic Board

The NES Discrete Basic is a homebrew or reproduction board Capable of NROM, CNROM and UxROM. mappers.

Component List

PRG - 27C512/27C010/27C020/29F010/29F020 or compatible (Not Carried)

CHR - 27010/27C020/29F010/29F020 or compatible (Not Carried)

Lockout Chip - AVRCIC (HERE)

C1 - 22uf 16V Capacitor (HERE)

C2,C3 - 0.1uf 50V Capacitor (HERE)


74HC161 (HERE)


74HC161 (HERE)

74HC32 (HERE)

Mapper Compatibility

Verified compatible with NROM, CNROM, UNROM, and UOROM. Please note that other mappers have not yet been tested.


Build instructions/tutorials aren't available at this time. If you are uncomfortable or new to building your own cartridges please wait for tutorials to become available.

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