GEN MD Advanced (Black)


4MB Genesis/Mega Drive Board with save!

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GEN MD Advanced Board (Black)

The GEN MD Advanced is a hombrew or reproduction board that supports Genesis/Mega Drive games up to 4MB (32 Megabit) with a 42 Pin EPROM with support WRAM with a battery.

Component List

U1 – ROM – 27C800/27C160/27C322 or compatible (Not Carried)

U2 – 6264/62128/62256 (6264 HERE) (62256 HERE)


U5 – 74HC139 (HERE)

C1 – 0.1uf 50V Capacitor (HERE)

C2, C4 – 47uf 6.3 V Capacitor (COMING SOON)

C3 – (Optional)

D1,D2 – 100V 300MA Diode – 1N4148-T50A (HERE)

R1 – 100K Ohm Resistor (HERE)

R2 – 1K Ohm Resistor (HERE)

R3 – 10K Ohm Resistor (HERE)

Q1 – NPN Transistor BC547BTA (HERE)

BT1 – Battery – CR2032 Battery with tabs (Not Carried)


Build instructions/tutorials aren’t available at this time. If you are uncomfortable or new to building your own cartridges please wait for tutorials to become available.

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