Muramasa Disk System Cartridge and Disk EXP Adapter


Kit to play FDS games on the NES!

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Muramasa Disk System Cartridge and Disk EXP Adapter.

The Muramasa Disk System Cartridge allows the playpack of Famicom Disk System games on the original front loader NES (FDS2NES). The Muramasa Disk System Cartridge is a NES version of the Nintendo Famicom Disk Ram Adapter (HVC-023). The adapter routes the disk drive signals through the NES Frontloader (NES-001) Expansion Port pins to the Disk EXP Adapter which connects to the Nintendo Famicom Disk System (HVC-022). The cartridge is made with an original RP2C33 taken from an original ram adapter cartridge.

Please note that the EXP port must be available and uncovered for this kit to work. There is a plastic covering that must be removed by the end user.

If you are interested in a potential kit see the listing here.

What is planned to be included?

  • Muramasa Disk System Cartridge.
  • Disk EXP Adapter with disk system cable as well as Famicom expansion cable.

Items NOT included needed for operation.

  • NES Front Loader system (NES-001) with all needed cables.
  • Working Famicom Disk System Drive with power cable.
  • Working Famicom Disk System Games.


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