Basic MMC1 board

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NES SxROM Basic (Black)

Basic MMC1 board.

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AX5904 (MMC1)

AX5904 is a MMC1 clone

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NES SxROM Basic Board

The NES SxROM Basic is a homebrew or reproduction board that supports MMC1 mappers (Mapper 1) that don’t need WRAM or a battery.

Component List

MMC1 – AX5904 MMC1 Implementation (INCLUDED)

PRG – 27C512/27C010/27C020/29F010/29F020 or compatible (Not Carried)

CHR – 27010/27C020/29F010/29F020 or compatible (Not Carried)

Lockout Chip – AVRCIC (HERE)

C1 – 22uf 16V Capacitor (HERE)

C2,C3 – 0.1uf 50V Capacitor (HERE)

Mapper Compatibility

Verified compatible with SLROM and SGROM mapper types. Please note that other mappers have not yet been tested.


Build instructions/tutorials aren’t available at this time. If you are uncomfortable or new to building your own cartridges please wait for tutorials to become available.

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NES SxROM Basic (Black)

Weight 0.0350 lbs
Dimensions 4.02 × 2.3 × 0.055 in


AX5904 (MMC1)

Weight 0.00625 lbs
Dimensions 1.3 × 0.4 × 0.35 in


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