NES TxSxROM Advanced – MMC1


Advanced MMC1 board with save capability.

NES TxSxROM Advanced

Advanced MMC1 or MMC3 board with save capability.

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AX5904 (MMC1)

AX5904 is a MMC1 clone

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NES TxSxROM Advanced Board – MMC1

The NES TxSxROM Advanced is a homebrew or reproduction board that supports MMC1 mappers (Mapper 1) and supports WRAM with save support.

Component List

U1 –

Lockout Chip – AVRCIC (HERE)

U2 – PRG – 27C020/27C040/29F020/29F040/39SF020/39SF040 or compatible (39SF040 HERE)

U3 – CHR ROM – 27C020/29F020/39SF020 or compatible (Not Carried)

U3- CHR  RAM- 6264 SRAM (6264 HERE)

U4 – WRAM – 6264 SRAM(6264 HERE)

U6 – MMC1 – AX5904 MMC1 Implementation (INCLUDED)

C1,C4 – 22uf 16V Capacitor (HERE)

C2,C3,C5 – 0.1uf 50V Capacitor (HERE)

C6 – 1000pf Capacitor (Optional*) (COMING SOON)

D1,D2 – 100V 300MA Diode – 1N4148-T50A (HERE)

R1,R2 – 10K Ohm Resistor (HERE)

R3 – 27K Ohm Resistor (Optional) (COMING SOON)

Battery – CR2032 Battery with tabs (Not Carried)

Mapper Compatibility

Verified compatible with SLROM, SGROM, SKROM, and SNROM mapper types. Please note that other mappers have not yet been tested.

Please note that is only for some games that have a hard time with newer SRAMs (Faster then 120ns). If you are using older SRAM or your game doesn’t have an issue then it is not needed.


Build instructions/tutorials aren’t available at this time. If you are uncomfortable or new to building your own cartridges please wait for tutorials to become available.

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NES TxSxROM Advanced




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